این رویداد خاتمه یافته است و اطلاعات موجود در این سایت صرفا جنبه آرشیو دارد
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We are truly thankful to all of you for participating in our upcoming Congress in Shiraz. Below we will try to mention a few points that may be useful to you on your trip to Iran:

1- Foreign Exchange Offices in the city and many major hotels exchange major foreign currencies (especially USD and Euros) and there may be a slight difference between hotel rates and Foreign Exchange Offices. It is better not to mention any figures for the rates as it may change.

2-No credit cards or traveller`s cheques are accepted at hotels or shops and all payments have to be made in cash. There will a few banks around the Congress venue which you will be able to exchange your currency.

3-For ladies,it is mandatory to wear a head scarf and a manteau or raincoat as soon as you descend from the plane. Please note that for men it is not considered impolite or informal if you do not wear ties so please do not be obliged to wear a tie if you are uncomfortable with it!!

4-It is not customary for men and women who are not related to shake hands in public so please refrain from shaking hands as it may cause an embarrassing situation.

5-Many shops,esp. handicraft and carpet shops,will accept USD or other foreign currency but foodmarkets usually do not.

6- Weather in Shiraz in February is with daily highs increasing from 13°C to 18°C. (You can give a temp range using Accuweather or similar websites for that month). 

7-Please note that alcohol is prohibited in Iran and it can not be brought into the country.

We hope you have a safe journey and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.